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  • Information for local referee training
  • WAYSA League fees paid to referees for their services
  • Downloads including rules
  • Links to relevant websites
  • Directions to WAYSA club fields
  • Contacting the Referee Director and Treasurer
  • Typical questions and answers about referee payments and special exceptions
  • Reporting a problem game to the WAYSA Referee Director   


Referee Training  

WAYSA in 2013 will only use Grade 9 or higher licensed refs for U10 and U12 games.  To become a referee, please visit Mass Ref website.    Referees interested in being scheduled for WAYSA games should send an email to refsched@waysa-soccer.org .  



Payment for a WAYSA refereed game requires entering the final score into Arbiter.

2013  Game Fees
Regular SeasonGrade 9 or higher
U10 7v7$30.00
U12 8v8
U14 11v11MAYSL rates
U16 11v11MAYSL rates
U18 11v11MAYSL rates
U10/U12Same as regular season



All Referees

All WAYSA Referees must use the Arbiter system to enter scores for payment; this requirement applies to these age brackets: U10 and U12.  
U10 and U12 ref payments made by WAYSA.
U14-U18 (HS) ref payments made by MAYSL.  
U8 payment go to town treasurers.

U10 Referees Only


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WAYSA Referee Contacts


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

A scheduled game did not have a referee show up. Both coaches agreed for me to referee the game. Will WAYSA pay me?

Yes, you will be paid for your services. Email the treasurer with the situation.  The following 3 typical situations happen and this is what WAYSA will do:
1) You are a U8 WAYSA referee and are at a U10 or older game.  The coaches agree to have you referee the best you can.  You will be paid the rate the age bracket dictates, not the U8 age bracket.
2) You are a coach/parent/spectator/player with soccer experience. The coaches agree to have you referee the best you can. You will be paid the age bracket amount.
3) You are Grade 9 or higher ref at the fields, but not assigned to ref the specific game. The coaches agree to have you referee.

These situations are exceptions and not meant to be a pattern of refereeing for the entire season.

When will payments be made?

Payments will be made in late September, late October and November. Payment is based on referee entering a final score in Arbiter.

I just found my referee payment check a year later, stuffed in my soccer shoes or my drawer, can I still be paid?

Yes, please try and cash the check first. If the bank refuses the check, notify the Treasurer and have a new check issued. 

I will be a referee for the U10/U12 Friendship Tournament, do I need to keep track of scores and enter them into Arbiter?                      

Yes, you will need to use the WAYSA payment form and get either coaches/assistant coaches signature for each game refed.  


Report a problem game to the Referee Director

Email refdirector@waysa-soccer.org . Please include date of game, home and away teams, a detailed explanation of the problem, and your phone number.